Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back Roads

This morning Cameron and I took a walk around the back roads of the street our apartments are on. It is entirely a bumpy, dusty path which I can barley imagine cars driving down. We passed schools that are simply a falling down shack and many produce stands that stand at the edge of personal gardens. We decided to take the walk because were doing an alphabet photography project documenting American things in Tanzania. We were assigned m, n, o, p, and y, therefore we took pictures of money, a newspaper, a BP Oil tin, some pollution in the river, and a thing of yogurt. While we were walking, as we turned a corner, a 3-year old adorable little boy ran out of his house to me and grabbed my hands. He then started shaking his hips and dancing with me. It was definitely a highlight of my day. Since we had one Swahili lesson under our belt, we were also able to practice greetings to the people we passed along the way.

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