Sunday, June 20, 2010

Via Via

Last night the group decided to get its first taste of Tanzanian nightlife. After our group dinner we taxied to a place that we had been given great recommendations called Via Via which has live music on Thursday nights. Believe it or not we had to pay cover! It was barely anything at all but this amused me nonetheless. Via via was a great sight. It is all outdoors and has two great tiki-shic bars. They had the world cup on all tvs and on a huge projector screen outside. They even had a huge outdoor dance floor with crazy light/lazer displays. We danced the night away and meet some great locals and visitors. The dj was amazing. It was the perfect mix of America rap/dance music and European techno influence. Perfection. I wish djs in the America were more like that. Also, many people were passing through on their way to the World Cup and some were on their way back. We also discovered a really tasty papaya gin that is from the local area. We finally decided to head back around 2:30ish since we had to get up at the delightful hour of 8 am the next morning. I also had a successful video chat with Stewart, which was really nice; I guess the internet is stronger at 3 am…


  1. Hi sweetheart, of course I have been thinking about you constantly. Thank goodness for blackberry messenger or our phone bills would be as bad as when I was in Italy! Here is something that might make you feel better about not going vegetarian. As I suggested before you left, vegetables and fruit(certainly uncooked)are the riskiest thing to eat. Meat and seafood are fine as long as thoroughly cooked. That comes not just from me but from the Travelhealth nurse. Environmentally cattle are destructive, so seafood and well cooked veggies is your healthiest, most environmental choice. I miss you!!!!!mom

  2. Erin! I've been reading your blog since I discovered it from my fb newsfeed :) It's gotten me even more excited to join you all!! It sounds like things are off to a very good start!! Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday (and to many nights at via via)!