Monday, June 14, 2010


Had a relaxing afternoon today. Was able to sleep in a bit and got brunch at the restaurant at hotel. It was very good. They brought out freshly squeezed juice which was basically fruit in liquid form. Shortly after we met with Katie and talked about what our schedule is going to be like for the time we are here.

For the next two weeks we have Swahili lessons everyday, and just about every day we are also going to be having workshops with the teachers that we are going to be working with. Next week we also start our after school projects with the children, which I’m sure excited about. Kir, Nate and myself are going to work an after school soccer program, can’t wait. The third week we are here we start our homestays, which will last for two weeks (this is right after we finish are Swahili lessons). During the homestays we will all be working at the same school so we will all be reunited during the day before we go our own ways at night. After the homestays we are going to be working at schools for most of the time, and one of the final weeks we are going to do workshops at a teachers college (this is awesome because it the equivalent would be teaching the education department at Duke how to use LTP).

We also talked about safety. For example what happens if you are cornered and someone has a knife—just give him what he/she wants. Therefore I will only WALK with just enough cash I need and my Africa phone. Everything else will only be brought when we taxi to and from places.

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