Thursday, June 10, 2010

En Route to Tanzania

This summer I am extremely fortunate to have quite a unique experience--teaching in Arusha, Tanzania for two months. For those of you who I haven't explained what I'm doing there, I'm basically working with teachers and students in both private and public schools to help them incorporate an educational method called Literacy Through Photography into their classrooms. The basic idea is to use photography as a visual aid for any sort of discipline. To see how cool it is look at:
Also, if you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me about it.

Anywho, I'm currently waiting to board my flight in Richmond, Virginia. I fly to New York, NY to Amsterdam, then Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro. We land around 8:30 pm tomorrow, so it is going to be a full two days of travel. I love to fly international so I'm actually looking forward to it. Our first couple of days are getting situated, and hopefully filled with watching the beginning of the World Cup. I can't wait. I feel so lucky to be able to watch it in Tanzania.

Also, my internet will/might be pretty spotty, BUT I will have my blackberry with me. Therefore please feel free to email me at (I will be able to respond to that very easily). Or you can bbm me, my pin is 31112486. I will not be using text messaging though because it is extremely expensive. My skype name is: erin.malone.smolla (not too hard to remember).

I get back to the United States August 7th (leave Tanzania the 6th, but its another long day of travel).

Will update as much as I can :)
With love,

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