Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Some of you might already know this but sine I have been here, Nate, Kir, and I have been running an after school soccer clinic at the Arusha School. We normally coach kids from the ages of 5-16. The clinic has been one of my favorite things activities. We were extremely lucky to meet one of the teachers named Mr. Kilinga who offers his room to us at the school to relax in and change in everyday. He also comes and plays with us most days. Furthermore, he is the regional director of the Model United Nations Club. Yes, they have it in Western Africa, pretty cool. Secondly, we were very lucky to meet a 16-year-old boy named Stanley who lives by the school. He has basically become a fourth coach, and is a godsend because he translates everything we say into Kiswahili. The school is private and therefore the instruction is in English, but soccer vocabulary isn’t something taught in schools. Each day we do drills for half an hour and then scrimmage for the last twenty minutes.

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